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Coonawarra Wine, Australia
Winemaking and Viticulture
Coonawarra is a cool climate wine region. The long growing season is marked by sunny, warm and dry days followed by cool evenings - an ideal combination developing the intense varietal characteristics for which Coonawarra is renowned.
Coonawarra has an average rainfall of 640mm (30 year average) of which 221.6 mm falls during the growing season (October to April). Coonawarra has an average daily winter temperature of 9.8 degrees and an average daily summer temperature of 18.8 degrees.
Coonawarra has an average elevation of 55m above sea level.
Sunshine hours during the growing season average 1621 hours or 7.6 hours daily, with a temperature summation of 1337 heat degree days (seven months growing season) and aridity of 125mm (12 months).
For additional information or clarification about the accompanying Vintage Reports please contact any of the following:
•    Allen Jenkins – President, Coonawarra Grape and Wine Incorporated:
•    Pete Balnaves – Vice President, Coonawarra Grape and Wine Incorporated:
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